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Yoga Class Makes Me Horny
15:25 Min.

I just got home from my yoga class, and I was feeling a little flustered. You see, there was this totally HOT guy in my class today. He was very muscular and sexy and was on the mat right in front of me. I could barely focus on my poses today and I almost couldn't wait to get home to play around. I think he noticed me for sure because I wore this extremely tiny little pink yoga outfit. Most of the girls weren't wearing such tiny little things, but I love to stand out so it was fun. I hope you enjoy this video. xxx Paris
Bellboy in San Diego
17:36 Min.
I was in San Diego recently, staying at a really nice hotel. This super HOT bellboy helped me bring up my bags to my room. I decided to just go for it and invite him up later for a drink. He was so damn cute! I just couldn't help myself. I was glad I did because he gave me the fuck on my life. I loved his cock so deep in my eager little wet pussy. I couldn't get enough of him. I hope you enjoy watching me fuck this younger guy. xxx Paris
Getting into a little trouble
20:35 Min.
I got into a little trouble with hubby recently. I totally forgot to do something and fell asleep on the bed. I decided to make it up to him by sucking and fucking his hard cock. xxx Paris
paris kennedy
Plaid Skirt Outdoors
69 Pictures
There is nothing hotter than being totally naughty outdoors. I love the feeling of the sunshine and wind against my naked body. My photographer loved taking these sexy pics of me outside and I couldn't wait to share them with you. xxx Paris
Double Suck
14:58 Min.
We were really horny one night after coming home from a night out on the town. We decided to suprise Ashley's hubby Jack with a double bj. Here is a little sample vid of the naughty antics we got up to that night. I just love being a swinger. My life does not suck!! hehe xxx Paris
naughty nurse paris
Wet Nurse
67 Pictures
I was out shopping and I ran across this hot and sexy costume shop near my house. They had all sorts of sexy outfits and costumes. I have a huge fetish for dressing up like a naughty nurse, so I couldn't resist this outfit. I brought it home and got all dressed up and then I remembered one of my members mentioning that he would love to see me all wet in stockings in the tub. So here ya go Mark. Hope ya enjoy. xxx Paris
Hot and sexy neighbor- masturbation vid
11:56 Min.
I have this really HOT neighbor that was hanging out on his balcony and I could see him. I got really horny and decided to play with myself while I peeked over at him. I think I am going to have to work up the nerve to invite him over sometime. xxx Paris
kitty cat paris
Black Body Suit and Cat Ears
78 Pictures
I just love getting naughty and a bit kinky. I found this one piece black bodysuit that is totally crotchless. I decided to dress up like a slinky little cat and strip down for you. I got really horny and just had to play with one of my favorite toys. I hope you enjoy watching me cum. xxx Paris
Brandon the Condo Repair Man
14:30 Min.
I was getting out of a nice hot shower to discover Brandon the condo repair man checking on the fire detector. I've seen him before, but was a little shocked that he had found his way into the bedroom near the bathroom. I decided to play with him a bit because I was after all nice and clean and extra horny. He ended up finger banging me and fucking my brains out, oh so nice!....~ kisses Paris
Shower Fun
9:56 Min.
Allen came in with the camera while I was taking a shower. I was getting ready to go out and decided to give him a little show. I love that you are watching Pairs
pink mini skirt paris kennedy
Baby pink mini skirt - sexy pics of feet and pussy
39 Pictures
Here I am in a sexy little baby pink mini skirt and bra top. I stripped down and let him take naughty pics of my pussy and feet. Hope you enjoy guys! xxx Paris
Naughty Nylon Fetish Movie
13:25 Min.
I recently realized how much of a nylon fetish I really have. I absolutely love the way they feel against my skin. A member sent me in these special nylons which are a specific brand....they are special because of the way they are so extra silky and smooth. I wore them under one of my favorite dresses, then I stripped down showing you my bare ass through the nylons and proceeded to play with my pussy through the nylons until you could see my sweet wetness through Paris
paris kennedy and ashley edmonds eating pussy
Paris and Ashley
65 Pictures
My best friend Ashley came over for a little dress up and eating out :) I always love being with another woman, it is so sensual and soft. Hope you enjoy the pics. xxx Paris
Neighbor Fuck
17:04 Min.
My naughty puppy escaped from our house and was running around the neighborhood. Today I got a knock at the door and it was my sexy neighbor brad with my puppy in his arms. Brad started talking to me and we got into a conversation about what I do for a thing led to another and well...enjoy the video. xxx Paris
Cowgirl Outfit and Finger Fucking
62 Pictures
I was doing a little strip tease for my camera guy, when I noticed the large bulge in his pants. I knew he was getting excited so I thought I could really get him going even more. I started to finger fuck myself right in front of him and watched his bulge get even bigger. So exciting! xxx Paris
Red Bikini Fuck
11:49 Min.
In this movie I am wearing a sexy bikini sent to me from a member named Fred from Utah. He was so sweet to send me such a sweet gift. I decided to wear it and slowly strip down for you....of course I get fucked nice and hard in this movie and at the end I get a big load of cum all over my face Paris